Benzara 96955 Smart White Metallic Cushioned Pet Beds

$ 153.29

These white metallic Pet beds measures 23 inch (width) x23 inch (D) x7 inch (H) and 21 inch (width) x21 inch (D) x7 inch (H) ) White Metallic pet beds with soft brown cushions Easy for pets to sleep Want your pets to live a happy and secure life? Now you can help them live happily by bringing home these metallic pet beds. These two round shaped beds with brown soft cushions is uniquely designed for pets to rest. The cushion is soft for pets to sleep in whenever they feel like. Apart from giving them rest the beds is so beautiful that it can simply enhance the beauty of your home. These beds are easy to move and clean and hence can be placed anywhere inside the house. The beds are shaped just perfectly for pets and its looks are enough to attract pets. Now your pets can live a happy life by resting and sleeping in these cozy beds. If you have a pet and don?t have a pet bed yet, do not waste much time and buy one soon. It will surely help them stay happy. Dimensions: 23L x 23W x 10H 14