Gopetclub 55"L X 38"W X 10"H Dog Cat Pet Cot Bed

$ 71.56

Go Pet Club COT-55P Paw Print Pet Cot - X-LargeProduct Features Color : Paw Print Size : 55"L x 38"W x 10"H Our Pet Cot offers a cool breeze in summer and elevation off cold hard surfaces in winter Can be use indoor and outdoor Not skid-pads for the feet The frame made of 1 1/2? pvc pipe (with middle support only for 48? and 55?) Cover made of 100% polyester Easy to clean, just spray it down with a hose and mild soap No tools required Available sizes: 24", 32", 40", 48" and 55"About GoPetClubGoPetClub is the leading provider of pet furniture products in the USA since 2003 and simply offers the widest variety of pet furniture on the market. With their own manufacturing they carry exclusive design cat trees and pet related products that make them a one-stop pet supply marketplace.GoPetClub provides a broad range of pet products at extremely competitive pricing providing you with an effortless online pet supply shopping experience. Their selection of products include pet crates, pet barriers, pet strollers, pet beds, and a wide selection of cat trees. In addition to providing the lowest price in the industry, their online pet products are very unique and exclusive. They constantly design and bring new products to the marketplace and help pet parents to raise healthy and happy pets.Their product lines of pet furniture include Cat Trees, Pet Portable Crate, Pet Vehicle Barrier, Pet Cage, Pet Stroller, Pet Bed and more. Their products are a sample of beauty and function with quality that lasts. GoPetClub offers Cat Trees in all sizes with several lines of Contemporary Style Cat FurnitureCats are very active animals. When they take leap onto their cat tree, you want to make sure that it?s strong enough to withstand. is the one place where you can differentiate mediocre piece of cat furniture from high quality.