Vondom Doux Coffee Table - Basic Anthracite

$ 505.00

DOUX, a collection of different pieces derives directly from freehand sketches: organic, spontaneous, friendly, and colorful. The zoomorphic forms are to engage, to touch, to sit, to enjoy. Exclusive pieces are manufactured by the rotational molding technique. The versatility and dynamism are the most outstanding features of this collection. One of the peculiarities in this line is the multipurpose nature of the table - when laying down, it fulfills the role of a table which has a hollow that works as a storage space; when standing up, its hollow can be used as a flower pot or as a cool ice bucket for champagne, wines etc. Features Doux collection Designed by Karim Rashid Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Available in various finishes. Vondom Doux Coffee Table. Vondom Doux Coffee Table - Basic Anthracite