Saloom Furniture Nova Round Dining Table - NOV-Aurora - Aurora / SKWO 4242 - 42" x 42"

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The Nova dining table is available in a variety of finishes and sizes - it offers minimalist design with an assertive geometric stance. The solid maple table is available in 6 sizes, both round and and ellipse, all designed to accentuate the angled base. Features Part of the SKYLINE collection by Saloom Furniture Designed by Peter Saloom Country of Manufacture: Winchendon, Massachusetts, USA All wood surfaces have a high performance catalyzed top coat applied, which protects the furniture from moisture and most household chemicals Natural grain variations and character markings enhance the beauty of their dining tables and make every table unique With the use of advanced technology in moisture and environmental controls, these dining tables will not change shape or develop fault lines after they leave the factory Gloss Sheen top coat Plastic foot glide A solid maple splayed pedestal contemporary table Full envelope finishing seals the table top and bottom to minimize moisture moving in and out of the wood Hand applied multi-step finishes Suitable for indoor use Available in various sizes and wood finishes Care Instructions: When in use, Saloom recommends using trivets, placemats, and tablecloths to protect the top from plates, hot pans, dishes, etc. Clean the table by using a slightly damp sponge or cloth - use a mild dish soap or detergent if desired - then dry with a soft towel or cloth. Try to wipe up spills quickly so cleaning is easy. Do not placing your table near heating vents, fireplaces, or wood stoves can damage your furniture because of the extreme changes in temperature and moisture. Never use abrasive cleaners or sponges. Never let candle wax drip on the table - it will discolor the finish. Avoid direct sunlight - ultraviolet rays will change the color of the wood over time. If your table is in a sunny area, never leave an object on your table for an extended period of time - you could very well find that the area underneath the object is a different color than the rest of the table!. Saloom Furniture Nova Round Dining Table. Saloom Furniture Nova Round Dining Table - NOV-Aurora - Aurora / SKWO 4242 - 42" x 42"