ARTLESS LRG Sectional Sofa Tray - Walnut Sofa Side

$ 500.00

ARTLESS LRG Tray is an accessory to the LRG Sofa line, but in reality its more of a symbiotic relationship as the sofas were conceived with the trays in mind. They offer a versatility that cannot be overlooked but also enhance the sofas appeal by offering an every-angle approach. By making the sofa a highly functional machine for living, the tray is not merely a shelf for showcasing knickknacks but also a landing place for hot or cold drinks, remote controls, keys, phones, ashtrays, more drinks, popcorn bowls, etc. etc. Features LRG collection Built in Los Angeles Available in 3 models: Walnut Back, Walnut Chaise Side, Walnut Sofa Side. LRG Sectional Sofa Tray